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We have noticed the value of blockchain in establishing multi-party consensus, delivering trust, and promoting data collaboration, and we expect to explore its application in financial scenarios to reduce the cost of multi-party cooperation and improve the efficiency of financial services. However, at that time, there was no blockchain underlying platform that could meet the financial-level requirements of supporting massive financial transactions, high availability, high security, low cost, and regulatory interfaces.Therefore, we increased our investment in technology, concentrated our efforts on tackling key issues, and finally developed a consortium chain underlying platform that has been preliminarily verified to operate stably in a financial production environment. To further gather the strength of the blockchain industry and strengthen China's leading advantage in financial technology, we have started to build an open-source community based on the "FISCO Open Source Working Group" and successfully launched the FISCO BCOS, a fully open and agnostic open-source consortium chain underlying platform, in 2017.By embracing technology open-source, we can not only avoid duplication of efforts among organizations but also share achievements with our peers, ultimately creating a powerful way to achieve high-quality innovation, support the digitalization of industries, and promote the integrated development of digital and real economies in line with national science and technology strategies. Currently, the FISCO BCOS open-source community has become one of the largest and most active domestic open-source alliance chain ecosystems in China, bringing together a vast number of enterprises, institutions, and individual members to build, govern, and share. It has successfully supported hundreds of blockchain application scenarios and infrastructure implementation in various key areas of the economy and society.
Looking forward to the future, we expect to continue working together with more industry partners, relying on the open-source community to refine more excellent practices into global de facto standards, and further establish China's global influence and international discourse power in the field of cutting-edge technology.

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