FISCO BCOS (Be Credible, Open & Secure) is a secure, reliable, easy-to-use, and high-performance financial-grade blockchain platform, which was launched by FISCO open-source working group in 2017. Now its open-source community has grown as the largest and most active consortium blockchain ecosystem in China, where thousands of institutions and ten thousands of individual developers collaborate together.

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Core Advantage

  • Secure & Reliable

    Comprehensive security features (network, server, storage, application), access control, CA authentication, key management, OSCCA-approved cryptography suite, and penetrating auditing

  • Privacy Protection

    Privacy protection on Full lifecycle of sensitive data, including access control, OSCCA-approved cryptography algorithms, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof, ring/group signature, etc.

  • High Performance

    Scalable group architecture, distributed storage, precompiled contract, DAG parallel contract execution; 3 pluggable consensus algorithms (PBFT / Raft / rPBFT), 20k+ single-chain TPS, and parallel multi-chain capability expansion

  • Easy of Use

    Rich documentation and use cases, multilingual SDK, secure and high-performance smart contracts to facilitate the smooth experience of chain setup, development, debugging, deployment, operation, monitoring, and audit

  • Reliable

    Successful business applications in multiple scenarios, verified by many enterprise and institutional partners with production applications over years

  • Rapid Iteration

    Active community to promote rapid iteration and core capabilities optimization, innovative features trailing for various community demands, and enhanced user experience

Use Cases

Copyright Protection

Provides comprehensive copyright protection with consortium chains facilitating end-to-end one-stop services for copyright registration, trading, protection and litigation.

Judicial Services

Provides real-time, authentic, and traceable data for judicial services, introduces judiciary nodes onto the chain, achieves authenticity, legality, and relevance requirements of evidences, and standardizes the evidence and trial process.

Smart Governance

Provides blockchain solutions for government big data, public affairs management, market regulation, cross-departments/-region data sharing to promote efficient collaborative processing.

Internet of Things

Solves end-to-end trust and value transfer issues, and enables devices interconnection and data sharing with Blockchain+ IoT.


Improves recruitment efficiency by simplifying recruitment process based on tamper-proof and traceable on-chain applicant data.


Creates innovative governance mode of "service-governance", provides feasible and convenient means for people to actively participate in social governance.

Smart Neighborhood

Provides innovative solutions for smart neighborhood to facilitate information sharing and financial co-management among property owners, property management companies, regulatory authorities and banks.

Financial Services

Improves business robustness, adaptability and security, improve operation efficiency, and reduce costs and risks with Blockchain+ Finance Technology.

Industry Recognition & Awards

  • First prize of Shenzhen FinTech Special Award of 2018

  • Trusted blockchain Initiative certification on blockchain functionality and performance

  • First national consortium chain platform adopted by BSN

5 Steps To Build Your First Blockchain Application

  • Setup blockchain

  • Install blockchain console

  • Write smart contract

  • Compile and deploy smart contract

  • Develop blockchain application

Download FISCO BCOS installation package


1.Environment Requirement:CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 64bit

2.Installation Guide: