Based on BCOS

A New Generation Data-exchange Infrastructure For Commerce


  • Easy and Fast Application Development
  • Customizable Role Management
  • High Consistency on Configuration


  • High-Throughput and Quick-Response Transaction Process
  • Parallel Expansion
  • Plug-in Framework


  • CA Identity Authentication
  • Transfer and Storage Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Privacy Protection Base on Cryptological Technologies


  • Smart Configuration Updating
  • Multi-dimensional Monitoring


A More Business-feasible Messaging Protocol

  • High performance, high stability, blockchain-based messaging protocol
  • Support both cross-origanizational and P2P instant communication
  • Provide a standardized endpoint for external systems to interact with the blockchain


Contract Name Service

An Easier Way For Contract Execution and Upgrade

  • Execution of smart contracts made simpler
  • Update of smart contracts are highly transparent
  • Support complete and gated update of smart contracts

A More Stable and Effcient Consensus-mechanism

Faster and Better Performance In Parallel Computation

More Managable and Practical Governance